Childrens book week..A new character springs to mind


 Unaware as I was of such a week even existing, until, as is usual with my daughter, the news of the event arrived to my ears, with very few hours left to prepare for what lay ahead..


the busy life of of a florist has little leeway for sudden addendums to its already hectic schedule any spare time is amply filled by last minute urgent " HELP, I've forgotten my Anniversary " or " It's my Mum's Birthday, can you get flowers there Now !! " So  "it's childrens book week and I need to dress up for school, as a famous literary character", certainly knocked me out of kilter, " Hey, I'm an adult I can do this " I thought,... WOEFUL is the best I can describe my efforts to unearth a female/girl book character that is 'current' and acceptable to my daughters erudite tastes...if you are after boy characters you are over blessed with boy characters who bristle with attitude and are 'current' ....girls are thin on the ground,... in fairytales, girls leap out of the woodwork at you,but once you're over 8/9 best you don't mention these characters for fear of the glare.. (you know the one)...So my thoughts are we need a tabard (tongue in cheek here) wearing, "super florist heroine" ..young, feisty,resourceful, whose special powers would be finding recipients addresses, with the barest minimum of information or even misinformation supplied by the sender.....she would of course be a trim size 10/12 and not complain of chillblains from all those hours stood in a cold and draughty shop, she sounds pretty special already I think you will agree...pop into your local florist alas she may no longer hold her size 10/12 (even Superman carries a bit of padding these days..) but all her other special powers are still intact..she's tested on these daily !!!!!  

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