Creating a splash,water not colour.

 Your Local Community Needs You !!.

 I heard and heeded the call, after all it's a good feeling to give back(community wise), I'm now involved in my local competitive swimming club,"The Great Harwood Otters" by virtue of my daughter aspiring to be the next Rebecca Adlington ( Great Harwood today, Great Britain tomorrow....thats one of mine they haven't adopted the slogan as yet, don't think they quite know how to take me just yet. )  

   So let me see thats dancing (tap, ballet, jazz, musical theatre) amateur dramatics....and when I'm not rushing from venue to venue I can fit in a healthy dollop of commercial ( Open All Flowers ) floristry into the mix, my weeks and evenings are fit to bursting..
  Well the Otters needed new trophies ( heck if you're going to win something let's make it shiny and new ! ) so upshot my hand, I will gladly sponsor 2 new trophies, alas there wasn't many categories left........" just Butterfly, " how appropriate it links perfectly with flowers, so now I'm the proud sponsor of  boys and girls 50m Butterfly  championship...quite possibly a feel good moment if ever there was one..      

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Monday: 9am to 4pm
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Wednesday: 9am to 12pm
Thursday: 9am to 5pm
Friday: 9am to 5pm
Saturday: 9am to 12pm
Sunday: Picking Daisies

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