July Already,fantastic fresh flower choice

we're in the top 250..yippee!!

Hello all you 'Flozzies' out there, (well if you can have 'Foodies' surely we can have 'Flozzies' ????,(people who love flowers !!!!, you heard it first here !!!) , Its already July (where has the year gone??), Mother Nature (with a little help from the many fanatical (these people really are quite "OCD" about flowers) flower growers around our globe (places as far flung as Kenya, Columbia, Israel, Holland, Guernsey, Jersey and of course the UK), and boy have they excelled this year...

Simply awesome choices await you in your local florists up and down the UK this year, pop in today, i promise you you will be blown away (i am overwhelmed by scent and gorgeous blooms every morning i go into my shop....overnight the flowers from the corners of the globe seem to jostle for pole position and crave my instant attention..my senses go into overdrive the  heady aroma is delicious and the colours are so crisp, it simply is a magical moment every single morning (bliss) and then the phone rings and the magical moment is gone...but "hey ho",a florists lot is genuinely never done... 

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