Floral sundries supplier,came a calling..


Ramsdens  wholesale sundries van

Every fortnight Ramsdens call(a vital service, most appreciated by all), van sales like this one are a common site outside florist shops the length and breadth of our fair Isle, please don't curse their girth as they may sometimes impede the flow of traffic, on the roads around your area......just look at the stock they carry...it's like a tardis in here..









 LOOK SEE.....
Ramsdens wholesalers,van full of goodies..

 Camera was set to wide angle and maximum flash was used..crikey this vans full...(and the driver looked such a tidy chap..what happened?????)








So vans like these call pretty regularly,and save us poor florists bacon time and time again(THANKS CHAPS IF YOUR READING!!!)..

Sometimes you have a list(just like going to Tesco or ASDA),other times it's just a browse or an emergency item you need to make an order up(florists bacon saved again).

 It's a big van and thorougly appreciated by us florists as we can't always pop to their main warehouses to do a big shop.. (stock up on sundries)...so these travelling  florist sundry vans are a god send,bless em!!!

Ramsdens,van interior..





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