World renowned master florist Gregor Lersch teaches me, your Accrington Florist a trick or two more.

 When I heard that master florist Gregor Lersch was doing a full weekends training in my area I jumped at the chance of investing in the experience, the mans a legend..

He was appearing at Kings Georges Hall on Saturday 8th June, doing a demonstration for 3 hours and then he was hosting a full 9-5pm workshop at the ACE centre in Nelson, quicker than you can say 'where's my visa card' and I was booked in for both events.

On Saturday he mesmerised the audience making over twelve intricate woven metalwork structures, then dressing them with flowers, honestly his hands are not only blessed with immense strength

(all that bending of metal is cramp inducing.. trust me.. I found that out on the Sunday) but they are also blessed with a fantastic artistry, his eye for detail is awe inspiring.


here looky into this

its a view right down the neck into Gregors world..


wow isn't that original, he creates woven structures and then weaves flowers and other materials into them, turning harsh into soft.. truly amazing.

here's me with the master... click and see



and there's more

I made a structure just like this and it took pride of place in my shop window..

and just like Mr Benn I'm saving my ticket in my keepsake drawer.. it's a treasure of a great weekend..


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