MAYBE A POET.. NOT A FLORIST .. (another poem)


My daughter (bless) penned this..think she was trying to get across to me how she feels about school and those dreaded SAT's tests, heres her poem


Where did all the fun go ?
Where does it lurk ?
It's not in my house it's work, work,  work ..
Spellings for breakfast and science for tea,
there's no time for fun, for Mum, Dad and me,
I'm drowning in homework it's up over my head,
I'm chanting my spellings as I jump out of bed,
Mum and Dad try but they aren't teachers,
they have turned into two shouty creatures,
So I ask you again where did the fun go ?
If I stick my hand up will my teacher know ??
 Got me thinking, perhaps she may not follow me into floristry?

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