Santa knows a good Florist when he sees one.


 Santa hard as he tries, sometimes needs a little who ya gonna call ?...well if it ain't Ghost Busters, Santa knows who it is



Mrs Claus is sorted, well Santa is kinda busy that night!!!



So when the sleigh is full and we're counting down the minutes and know who to call its 'OPEN ALL FLOWERS'

January the quiet month in a flower shop.


Well the last bit of tinsel has been retrieved from that awkward to reach corner of Open All Flowers shop, and the thermometer has nudged up from 'Arctic to just Freezing' in my florist shop (honestly it really is that cold inside a florists, especially here in Clayton-le-Moors I think it's twinned with some hard to spell town in the Alaskan wastes) well when I say quiet, it's all relative you see, as we have just forgotten the Hurly Burly of Christmas shopping, and are preparing for the Frantic Valentine's day Lovestruck rush, closely followed by the day in March that we daren't forget Motherday. Did I say Quiet?? well in my shop its the  pop, pop, pop of Gorgeous scented Spring bulbs thats breaking the quiet, currently we are overblessed with cheap ways to banish those lingering Winter blues. 

Mumford and Sons or what 'Sons' get their 'Mums' on Mothers Day.


Mum'ford' and Sons who?.. beats me!!!, but I do know what good 'Sons' buy their 'Mums' on Mothers day, and thats why my shop will be bursting at the seams with armfuls of quality flowers to spoil your Mum with and at a price you can af'ford'...

WOW I surprised myself there, somehow I linked the band I'd never heard of with Mums day!!! ..don't forget it....Sunday 3rd April is Mothers Day this year just for the record!!!  

Red Nose Day or Wet Nose Day if you're a Great Harwood Otter.


Not content with vases full of water in my flower shop.. I need to get more water in my life..'NOT'.. and so I am involved with a fantastic local competitive (yet oodles of fun) swimming club, that club is Great Harwood Otter Swimming club, who are based in Great Harwood at Mercer Hall Leisure Centre, and on Friday 18th March they are raising money for Red Nose Day, they have come up with a pool based theme ' WET NOSE DAY' around 60 of the clubs swimmers will be training whilst wearing their very wet red noses... it promises to be a fun night. 

Mums the STAR on Sunday 3rd of April as its Mothering Sunday.


 Mothers Day is here again and its a little later than usual as it falls into April (Sunday 3rd of April) so dont 'fluff your lines' as Mums the Star of the show and all you have to do (its a walk on part) is buy her some beautiful flowers say "Happy Mothers day, love you lots" and let her be the STAR she is..


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