Halloween Window, it's a load of rubbish


Boo....but if we're not careful it could be 'BOO HOO' so for a bit of thought provoking, tongue in cheek fun...we decided to do a Halloween window, foretelling perhaps a real horror story if we dont recycle.

 Us florists here in Clayton le Moors make fantastic flower 'BOO'-quets also, no tricks they go down a treat at Halloween !!!


No eCommerce CART OR BASKET poem, a luddite Accrington florists ditty.


In my little world (perhaps too, in yours) I get the feeling that just as I get on the bus, everybody else is suddenly catching the way way faster 'Euro-bus' (metaphorically speaking, of course....) but technology is leaving me behind !!

I get myself a website and I'm extremely chuffed..but blow me down "have you got a CART" they say.. "you'll need a BASKET" they chirp.. "what where?"..so here's my Accrington florist luddite best, to address my inadequacies.. 



We are very sorry that we've no "CART" or "BASKET"

but you can still ring us, and use your "PLASTIC"  

have a chat, and talk your order through,

we'll make those special flowers, and deliver them for you. X. 


Tickets please!! at last I'm on the Euro-bus....(well almost) 

MAYBE A POET.. NOT A FLORIST .. (another poem)


My daughter (bless) penned this..think she was trying to get across to me how she feels about school and those dreaded SAT's tests, heres her poem


Where did all the fun go ?
Where does it lurk ?
It's not in my house it's work, work,  work ..
Spellings for breakfast and science for tea,
there's no time for fun, for Mum, Dad and me,
I'm drowning in homework it's up over my head,
I'm chanting my spellings as I jump out of bed,
Mum and Dad try but they aren't teachers,
they have turned into two shouty creatures,
So I ask you again where did the fun go ?
If I stick my hand up will my teacher know ??
 Got me thinking, perhaps she may not follow me into floristry?

Florist in Clayton le Moors visited by th'UGG's.


 Don't know if it's the earlier dark nights or the change in the economic climate, but things seem a whole lot meaner on our streets of late.


I was busying myself with a couple of local deliveries one to Great Harwood and one to Rishton when my door was darkened by these two unsavoury characters....


Great Harwood Otters Swimming Club, create a big SPLASH.


As a local business in Hyndburn (Great Harwood, Oswaldtwistle, Accrington, Rishton, Clayton le Moors) we like to support local clubs whenever we can, Great Harwood Otters swimming club www.otters-swimming-club.co.uk under the guidance of Hyndburns Coach Of The Year Winner Craig Lord, and two fellow fantastic and inspirational coaches Derrick Miller and Elaine Maguire, have gained promotion to the NELF Division One Swimming League.


WELL DONE .. to all the swimmers on gaining promotion.



              the Congratulation flowers are on there way..


  if you would like your child to join this friendly, competitive yet fun club, please contact a club representative on either 01254 884247 or 01254 351383...  

Opening Times

Monday: 9am to 4pm
Tuesday: 9am to 4pm
Wednesday: 9am to 12pm
Thursday: 9am to 5pm
Friday: 9am to 5pm
Saturday: 9am to 12pm
Sunday: Picking Daisies

Our Address

Open All Flowers
187 Whalley Road,
Nr Accrington,

01254 390 829

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