A Summer to salivate over, World Cup, Wimbledon and fantastic Fresh Summer Flowers to boot.


Pardon the footballing parlance "TO BOOT" in my "HEADING" whoops there I go again !!!, but all roads and all blogs, appear to be sport dominated this Summer..


My holiday is fast fading and I'm only just returned... Boo hoo..I better get on and 'tackle' some work..


So my pick for the World Cup are 'Argentina'  an easy opening group and wallop straight to the finals.. as for England (no comment)..


Wimbledon, the best neck exercise around..look left, look right, look left, look right..and so it continues..  My picks are....


Mens winner Andy Roddick.


Womens winner could be any of the loud grunters !!!!


  HAVE A GREAT SUMMER AND ENJOY THE BEST THAT YOUR LOCAL FLORIST HAS TO OFFER....fantastic summer colours and a super choice await you, pop in and see, and buy someting "ACE" (Oh no !!, it's gone all tennis parlance now...) sorry...           



Pretty embarrassing wasn't it..... somehow we all sorta get caught up in the hype..being English we get sucked in, we start to believe that our English football team can do it........ONE WORD  'WOEFUL'



might just have to take my World Cup window out a bit early....

Flower tips YES!!! Sporting tips/predictions NO..


Quite clearly (after my previous blogs..and my sporting tips/predictions) tipster I am not... I may know a thing or two about 'roses' but Gypsy 'Rose' lee I can never again claim to be..


The World Cup is all but over, our nations interest is far less than it was (can't for the life of me think why ???) and our pseudo English entry has bowed out of Wimbledon (sorry Andy but by your own admission, English you ain't) so if we aren't all glued to the telly, what are we to look at in our homes and houses up and down this land...may I offer a tip (cringe..) treat yourself to some flowers, and cast a gaze or two at a lovely vase full in your house. 

Accrington or Accy if you're a local.


 Accrington the home of Accrington Stanley, ummm and famous for well errr..

Nori bricks and .....err, well lots of things really "mumble mumble" the lots of things,  and because of, or inspite of ? that, I'm proud to be a florist in Accy, its a right gradely town full of nice folk..

 So if you need flowers sending to Accy to any 'gradely' folk who live here, we hope you choose our florist shop.   

Florist in Clayton-Le-Moors says "Have you seen Noah"


Water water everywhere...., It hasn't stopped raining in my neck of the woods (Accrington/Clayton le Moors) since the first day of July (rain every day) "sometimes torrentially but mostly continually" how green is my garden??... 'lush but boggy' is the answer..

Noah has been to the timber yard and animals are pairing up...

...and our delivery driver is struggling to maintain his sunny disposition..  

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