Flowers for special occasions delivered in Accrington area.


Well if you typed 'FLOWERS FOR SPECIAL OCCASIONS' and would like a bespoke florist made flower delivery in the Accrington area, you most certainly have been whisked through the ether to the right place.. be it a gorgeous bespoke bouquet or a fabulous florist made flower arrangement or hand-tied (we call them Jan-tieds, because 'Janet' thats me, makes them !!) So what classes as a special occasion,  

Florist in Clayton le moors, who delivers fresh flowers in the Accrington areas.


 Open All Flowers (thats us) a Bespoke florist located in Clayton-Le-Moors on Whalley Road near the famous Leeds and Liverpool canal. We deliver florist fresh flowers to all surrounding Towns and Villages including Rishton, Great Harwood, Oswaldtwistle, Read, Simonstone, Padiham, Accrington, Huncoat and Hapton.


         Open All Flowers where shopping local really is BEST... 

Peek a boo, the Sun is out in Clayton-le-Moors.


 Peek a boo...dare I say it comes, the yellow thing is back (to all those who have forgotten..I think its called the Sun !! ) "AND DON'T IT MAKE YA FEEL GOOD ." 

Had a week off over Easter (still got the chocolate around my mouth..yum!), I'm feeling refreshed, if not alas, any leaner.


So the sun is shining in Clayton-le-Moors and my florist shop is back open with a fully recharged me back at the almost feels like Spring..just a lot later than we all would have liked, after that horror of a Winter (just typing that word made me shiver), so I cant wait to get some lush fresh Spring flowers in, and fill some vases with early Summer Blooms..better than chocolate..ummm maybe ??

Ash cloud from Icelandic Volcano..


 Well the happy florist certainly met her match today (family all packed up and raring to go) 

" Ash cloud 1, Florist 0 "....

 There I am in the queue, check in desk within my sight, and then the announcement, me and hundreds of other keen holidaymakers exhaled as one (all flights cancelled) its a feeling quite possibly the exact opposite that our British Euro millions winner, having scooped 84 million had felt..rug well and truly pulled from under our feet..So the frenzied whirl that followed, what to do 'oh' what to what we Brits do best...get in another queue.. this time in the hope of a later hence my announcement on my home page it looks a long holiday but in reality its a waiting game... but I must commend Manchester Airport and its staff for a professional job..with special mention to Monarchs team and the chaps on the Monarch desk who kept good humoured (under immense pressure), and went the extra mile to help us hopeful travellers..      

Icelandic Volcano, could this affect flower stocks.


Who'd of thought..?? Dust, Ash, Volcanoes and our skies are empty of planes, what starts off as an irritation, drags on into a major concern for all...and how does this affect me...well I'm not on my hols, nor am I an aircraft spotter..but what does concern me (slightly self self self here) is that it could (not saying will !!) impact on weddings, it could affect flower availability...what if the must have colour of rose, or orchid that is only grown on the other side of the world cant get to our shores..EEeekkkkk..!!!.. you get my drift, what do we do ? we hide behind the ' act of god ' stance that some insurers are using to avoid,' well actually doing anything really ' do we ignore it as long as possible ' a'la our government ' before creaking into action, or do we get all pro active..?? well personally I'm in touch with all my wholesalers and am checking, double checking and checking again, that those precious pretties are available to me, otherwise there could be a UK based eruption, from a bride who is just about keeping a lid on it as it is... 

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