Creating a splash,water not colour.

 Your Local Community Needs You !!.

 I heard and heeded the call, after all it's a good feeling to give back(community wise), I'm now involved in my local competitive swimming club,"The Great Harwood Otters" by virtue of my daughter aspiring to be the next Rebecca Adlington ( Great Harwood today, Great Britain tomorrow....thats one of mine they haven't adopted the slogan as yet, don't think they quite know how to take me just yet. )  

London and back.

Wow and wow again, it's got to be well over 30 years since my last visit to our capital, words fail me !!! the place is simply buzzing no sign anywhere I visited of  a 'credit crunch', or cut backs, this place was full on, all of the time, my legs ached and my neck it did crane at all the sights, I have crammed in the entire touristy thing  and it was an awesome experience...

BUT boy am I glad to be back, my shop was bare and the  flower stand looked sad and sorry.....woosh the Dutch did call and normality was restored...for all its grand sights London has a long way to go to beat a flower shop fit to burst with finest fresh flowers.. Just My Opinion of course..     

Wet n Windy up North..

Well where did that BBQ summer go ?..  Weathermen it must be one of the few professions where you can constantly get it wrong and still stay in your job ( oh and politicians..let's not go there though eh!!! ..).

In general summer is the time when there is an abundance of choice in your local flower shop, prices are very tempting at the moment and as  I said the flower choice is awesome,... sooooooooooo

Our special offers won' t string you along..

After much thought and with trading conditions as they are, we at Open All Flowers have come up with our best special offer ever...seeds were first formed for this special offer after watching Britains Got Talent, if a Florist and an Opera singer can make it through to the 2nd phase......then....... 

Local children decorate a local heroes remembrance bench with armfuls of roses


 A very sad day but also one that swells you with pride at the same time, it was the first anniversary of  local soldier (Jason Rawstron) who was killed in the conflict in Afghanistan (it's the first anniversary ) and we donated 12 dozen mixed colour roses, he loved colour.., a dozen roses for each month in his first anniversary year )



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