Wedding etiquette

Of all the questions I as a florist gets asked one pops up more than most,  "which side should I wear my buttonhole or corsage on, and does it face up or down ?", Ummmmm !!, not an exact science as regional variations sometimes come to the fore on this one, but as a general rule and this handy rhyme may help...Men should be ' LEFT ' to pay,


                            and Ladies are always ' RIGHT ' 


So there you have it men on the left, and ladies on the right, now here's the rub............personal preference often takes over and throws my rhyme a curve ball, ladies sometimes prefer to attatch their flower on their left shoulder(sometimes because they are right handed and its easier to pin in, or just because the car seat belt wont crush it if your the driver of the car!!, this seatbelt rule works for the Gent too.), as for which way up it should face, dont get me started on that one!!!  Soooooooooo try not to get caught up in the detail,  and enjoy the day.    


Never Forget..Florist in Accrington area, we won't let you forget, Remembrance Day.


 IF YOU ONLY BUY ONE FLOWER ALL YEAR, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE let it be a Poppy, wear your Poppy with pride, I know all at this Accrington florist will be....

we as always are supporting our local branch of The Royal British Legion by selling a wide selection of remembrance day merchandise, and also putting in a huge window display in our florist shop, in honour of all our fallen heroes. 

July already..

we're in the top 250..yippee!!
Hello, It's already July (where has the year gone??), Mother Nature (with a little help from the many fanatical (these people really are quite 'OCD' about flowers) flower growers around our globe (places as far flung as Kenya, Columbia, Israel,Holland,Guernsey,Jersey and of course the UK..) and boy have they excelled this year...

July Already,fantastic fresh flower choice

we're in the top 250..yippee!!

Hello all you 'Flozzies' out there, (well if you can have 'Foodies' surely we can have 'Flozzies' ????,(people who love flowers !!!!, you heard it first here !!!) , Its already July (where has the year gone??), Mother Nature (with a little help from the many fanatical (these people really are quite "OCD" about flowers) flower growers around our globe (places as far flung as Kenya, Columbia, Israel, Holland, Guernsey, Jersey and of course the UK), and boy have they excelled this year...

Flower Fashions 09, Whats hot this season.

If it's hot (flower fashion wise)  and you've  just got to have it!!!!!

Be it funky gerberas, gorgeous English peonies, sumptious sunflowers or delicious scented oriental lillies,

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